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Robert Sebastian

Robert Sebastian
My approach to music is whatever I'm into I just do.”

[Photo Credit: Audry Deal McEver]

Breaking News: Robert Sebastian is a busy man. His new single, “Dysnomia” is scheduled for release any week now. Below is what Robert told me about “Dysnomia”.

The single “Dysnomia” while channeling a little Brian Eno is still a modern rock song. It's very introspective. A little stellar and very human!” – Robert Sebastian

Along with the new single, Robert will also be releasing a video documenting the recording session of “Dysnomia” for SE Electronics.

Robert has also began a podcast, titled Between X & Y. Here is what Robert had to say about this endeavor.

The podcast is about music, by two guys who still listen to CDs. It all started when we decided that our four hour long conversations about music should be recorded.” – Robert Sebastian

To listen to the first episode of Between X & Y titled “Ode to 1997”, you can find the podcast on SOUNDCLOUD, just click the link, kick back and enjoy, after you finishing reading this article of course.

Robert Sebastian is a Nashville based recording artist whose genres have spanned rock, swing, film scores, and funk. At the age of eleven Robert started teaching himself to play drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard. Since then he has played alongside Michael McDonald, and has performed in venues such as the Sands Showroom at the Venetian Las Vegas.

In 2014 Robert released “Pistol”, a groovy rock song with funk and an infectious horn section. “Pistol” has a five star rating on iTunes. Once you listen to it you will see why. It is a phenomenal song with great lyrics and the instrumentals are fabulous. Here is an excerpt of a review.

This is a great 90s style rock-n-roll song. I love the use of the horns. The stylish bass licks…” [Source: iTunes]

Before “Pistol” Robert released his first EP titled I Thought it was Spring. The EP contains seven songs of mostly original big band tunes, it also has a five star rating on iTunes.

Robert is currently in the studio working on a new album that is set to release in 2017. The single “Dysnomia,” a rock song, is due out anytime now.

Look for Robert’s music, on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many other online music services.

[Photo Credit: Audry Deal McEver]

Robert was born with a genetic disorder called NF2 that causes tumors to grow in his central nervous system, and has taken much of his vision and hearing. He was featured on the local news, WSMV News Channel 4 here in Nashville talking about it.

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Robert is an activity member of his community, focusing and donating his time to the Children’s Tumor Foundation which advocates for research and awareness for NF2 and its sister disorders. Robert Sebastian was recently featured on the summer edition of NF News (written by the Children's Tumor Foundation) in a review of his performance at the NF Forum in Nashville, Tennessee. Robert was honored to also be the keynote speaker for the evening and share his music with a wonderful community. To view the online version of the newsletter, click here.

Robert recently shared his story and experience living with NF2 in NF2: Our Journeys, a collection of inspirational life stories by people with NF2.

Robert along with Michael MacDonald have put on two benefit concerts to date that have raised about $48,000 altogether for this cause. For more information on NF visit the Children’s Tumor Foundation and see how you can help.

[Photo Credit: Audry Deal McEver]

I ask Robert where he liked to go in Nashville and what he did outside of his music. He informed me he enjoy going anywhere with a great cappuccino or good cocktails. He likes going to his friend’s art shows and live performances. He also enjoys spending time with his family and girlfriend.

Robert states that he’s most definitely a dog person. He shares custody of Gimli, with his parents. Gimli is a Chorkie which is a Yorkshire terrier - Chihuahua mix, who enjoys attacking people's feet.

When I asked Robert what his favorite sport and team was he replied.

I love baseball and my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. I was born just north of Boston and live there until I was nine. To this day I still don't feel like a southerner. I did however really get into the Predators playing for the Stanley Cup this year.” – Robert Sebastian

To make sure you do not miss the release of “Dysnomia”, Robert’s new single and the accompanying video follow him on one of the below social media sites and check out his website frequently.

Written 6-18-2017 by Joseph Clay for Live Laugh Love Nashville - Music Monday Feature.
[About the blogger: Joseph Clay is a published author and blogger, his links are below.]

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